Laima charity campaign commences to fulfil Christmas dreams of children from large impoverished families

Laima Charity House opened doors today, November 24, to call on residents and guests of Latvia, for the sixth year in a row, to help fulfil the dreams about long-awaited Christmas gifts of children from impoverished large Latvian families. Thanks to response of residents and guests of Latvia, Christmas dreams of more than 3,700 children across Latvia have been fulfilled at Laima Charity House since 2012, and this year we are hoping to bring the joy of Christmas to 1,600 children’s hearts.

President Raimonds Vējonis’ spouse Iveta Vējone set the tone for the campaign as she was the first to pick a child’s card from Laima Charity House, and will bring presents to the Anspoki family that has 3 children.

Christmas is a magical time for children as well as adults, a time when people not only believe in miracles, but also wish to create a miracle for themselves and their loved ones. Still, there are many families that need our help to fulfil their Christmas dreams. I am truly happy to participate in this wonderful project for already the third year, and I believe that this year we will be able to bring joy to even more children’s hearts,” says First Lady Iveta Vējone.

For six years already, our company, with the help of residents and guests of Latvia, has been lighting up the day-to-day routines of impoverished, large families in Latvia, fulfilling children’s biggest dreams about Christmas gifts they thought would never come true. This year, we have made the charity project even more accessible. Those who wish to participate in the project but have no time to visit the Charity House in downtown Riga, may pick a card at Laima Charity House’s website,” says Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Latvija Board Chairman Toms Didrihsons.

Visitors to the project’s website can see part of the cards drawn by children, learn about the child who drew a given card and read about his or her Christmas’ dreams. The website also offers information on how many gifts have been donated, and how many children are still waiting for their dreams to come true. Persons who pick a card online will have to take the respective gift to Laima Charity House that is located near Laima clock in Riga.

Although many children want modern smart devices for Christmas, other children are looking forward to having a suit for a prom, glasses to see better, a fish tank with fish, a turtle, tickets to the opera, schoolbags, winter clothes and footwear, and suchlike.

This year, Laima Charity House is open November 24 to December 23, 2017, every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.