Laima Christmas Story

A Christmas story

With the fine snow scrumptiously crunching under slow-paced steps, the newly-waded path leads you in a familiar direction. The glow from festive lights sparkles and brightly shines all around, reflecting itself in the pointed icicles. Flames cast by the fireplace crackle through ice flower-covered windows, while the high chimneys form banks of white smoke in the serene sky. The frost pinches your cheeks and fingertips, but your heart is full of warmth — the whole world seems to be holding its breath in hopes of a wonder. Just one more moment and the house where all your loved ones have gathered will open its doors. The Christmas tree will be decorated with fluffy needles and gorgeous adornments, happy chatter all around, warm hugs shared by big and small and food of the celebratory feast steaming with heat.

Christmas collection

Laima Christmas sweets will conjure the festive fairy tale filled with beloved sweets, precious gifts and exquisite flavour compositions. The warm and saturated aromas will bring more love into the warmest and brightest celebration of the year.

The Laima Christmas collection has been designed in a way so that everyone would find what they love the most — the confident taste of dark chocolate, the elegant gentleness of milk chocolate or the dreamy temptation of white chocolate complemented by nuts, fruit and Riga Black Balsam. They entice you to taste and enjoy — treat yourself or your loved ones by choosing the products of the Christmas collection!

Christmas gift sets

If you wish to make your children, friends and colleagues happy by gifting some Christmas gift sets, send an e-mail to or call 29628477. The Christmas gift sets can also be ordered in all Laima sweet shops in Latvia.

A Christmas dream

For the eighth year in a row, Laima invites people to participate and help make the Christmas dreams of the young ones come true. The Laima Charity House is a place where the wishes of children from impoverished families meet with people ready to fulfil these dreams. The Charity House. Visit the Laima Charity House in Riga, just by the Laima Clock, from 22 November to 22 December or choose a card made by one of the children online.