About Laima

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love is the most powerful thing in the Universe.  Laima chooses Love, because it makes the world a happier place. The more Love we give, the more Love we receive. Only by sharing love do we become rich and full of delightful energy.
It is up to us to choose Love and to choose to give, not receive it. If you see concerned people around yourself on a rainy day, say a nice word, and the world will become colourful once again. If someone speaks harshly to you, you can respond in kind, but you can also smile, and then the world becomes a lighter place. We can choose to praise, not criticise, and people around us will smile more and more. We can act, not hesitate, in changing our lives.
Love is the greatest value of Laima chocolates and the main secret behind its unrepeatable taste and aroma.
Once Love is presented, it always comes back to you, and that is exactly why Laima chocolate helps you to choose Love at the most important times in life – Love which opens the door to happiness for all of us.

Choose Love!