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City Tour Sweet Riga
City Tour Sweet Riga
City Tour Sweet Riga

Society Cita Rīga (Other Riga) in collaboration with JSC Laima has created three tours Saldā Rīga (Sweet Riga), making it possible for everyone to get to know how over the years production of sweets has developed in Riga. Furthermore the tour gives information about interaction between factories and city environment, without visiting the factory premises. All participants are invited to speak out, ask questions, solve crossword puzzles and walk through candy paths.

Three different routes are offered: Šokolādes ceļš (Chocolate route) from Macedonia to Kingdom of Sweets, Cepumu ceļš (Biscuit path) from Avotu Street to Artilērijas Street and Karameļu ceļš (Caramel Way), to learn what is common between tinned food and caramels. All tour participants receive nice surprises from Laima. Children are especially welcome.

Entry fee per person participating in previously  announced groups is LVL 2.00, the price of group tour for up to 10 people - LVL 15.00.

Participation in tours can be announced by phone +371 26143120 or sending an e-mail to