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Laima Chocolate Museum
Laima Chocolate Museum
Laima Chocolate Museum
Laima Chocolate Museum

The special Love deserved our Museum of Laima chocolate is open

More about prices and opening times:

Please make an appointment via + +371 66154777 +371 27868067

*What do „Laima” chocolate museum, Louvre and The National Gallery in London has in common?

To ensure that exhibition is clearly visible and enjoyable in all conditions , both in sunny days and days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, for museum exhibition special „invisible” glass produced in Latvia by high-tech company GroGlass was used.

Glass has several metal oxide coatings applied on both sides that virtually eliminate glare. Additionally glass protects the exhibition from harmful UV rays that helps to prevent fading of artworks.

„Invisible” glass guards the first dark chocolate made in Latvia, and a 100-year-old doll made of chocolate. This glass is used also for interactive machine where each visitor has an opportunity to create unique his/her chocolate bar. Behind „invisible” glass also the very beginning of the incredible way of cocoa beans from Gulf of Guinea in Africa to Riga is displayed.