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How zephyr is made
How zephyr is made

Main Ingredient – Apple Mash

One of zephyr’s main ingredients is technologically correctly made apple mash. This process takes place in a special vacuum pot with a mixer. In a boiling process apple mash is mixed and supplemented with various additives including pectin – substance which  nutritionists around the world have recognized as extremely valuable, which regulates digestion and helps to eliminate from the body radioactive substances and heavy metals.

Apple Mash

A Good Zephyr Is Well Beaten

When the apple mash is boiled, it goes from a vacuum pot into a special threshing machine, which then adds sugar and protein. After a thorough threshing sugar syrup is added to this mass. Syrup has been prepared in advance by boiling the sugar glucose in an open pot until it turns into a sweet, viscous fluid.

Beeting of Zephyr

Zephyr Does Not Wait

It is important to maintain Zephyr mass in weight container in a constant temperature around 25°C, that’s why it is heated by hot water. Zephyr is like a fine young lady, does not like to wait - molding should begin without delay, because the prepared mass slowly thickens. Zephyr halves are casted on special wooden boards.


Professional Drying

Freshly formed zephyr mass is too wet and it needs to stand. Drying can take place only four hours after molding. It is important that air temperature at drying room does not exceed 30°C. Zephyr is a demanding product, and its production requires strict accuracy, which often can only be guaranteed by presence of experienced sweet master. Therefore, drying process and their readiness for packaging is overlooked by quality inspector.

Drying Drying

The Finishing Touch

When the zephyr is dried and chilled, it gets sprinkled with icing sugar or chopped waffles.  In the packaging department zephyr halves are put together by masters hand and packaged. Packed zephyr is placed on pallets, and finished product is delivered to warehouse. From there they travel to the shops, where they meet candy lovers- just like you!

Packing Packing