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How is zephyr Maigums made
How is zephyr Maigums made
How is zephyr Maigums made

We all know the tasty zephyr, and we know its brother – zephyr in chocolate glazing. Mmm, both so tasty! But does the production process of zephyr in chocolate differ from that of white zephyr? Read and find out yourself.

It all begins with boiling of syrup

The secret of zephyr is syrup, made expertly and according to precise prescription. First, sugar syrup is boiled in a special boiling machine under high temperature and vapor pressure.

What is agar?

Agar is responsible for gelling of zephyr – its functions are similar to gelatin, and it is obtained in Estonia, Saaremaa, from Baltic Sea algae Furcilaria Lumbricalis. Vegetarians can also eat it with no worries.

Even more syrup

The agar mass is boiled in an open vessel with closed vapor heating. When the mixture has dissolved, the previously made sugar syrup, as well as glucose syrup and other ingredients are added to it.

Let’s whip it for better taste!

Whipping of zephyr is done in a special, hermetically sealed container that the workers have named “Tornado”. Agar-sugar-glucose syrup, egg white, flavorings, and dyestuff are put in it. Air in the whipping pot has been carefully filtered before. When the zephyr mass is ready – it is placed in a pouring machine.

Zephyr obtains it shape

Unlike ordinary white zephyrs, Maigums is poured on a conveyor belt that transports them automatically and immediately to cooling cabinet where the freshly poured mass cools without losing its nice shape.


Maigums iegūst formu  Maigums iegūst formu

Chocolate coat

From the cooling cabinet zephyr continues its tasty journey on a sieve-like conveyor belt directly to glazing machine where it is surprised by a chocolate shower. Without long thinking, zephyr is transported again to the cooling cabinet so that its new coat became hard and crisp.


Maiguma glazēšana  Maiguma žāvēšana

And now, to the gourmands!

Finished zephyrs, beautiful and shiny, head to packaging shop where they are packed in small sacs and boxes. And then they are delivered to shops, fans and buyers in the entire world!

Maiguma pakošana