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How Selga biscuits are made
How Selga biscuits are made
How Selga biscuits are made

First and most important step in biscuit producing is preparation of biscuit dough. In large dough pot only the highest quality Latvian flour, sugar, spices and other ingredients are mixed together, providing that special and fragrant taste of Selga biscuits.  

After about 20 minutes of precise blending, biscuit pastry is ready.

Cepumu mīklas sagatavošana  Cepumu mīklas jaukšana

To obtain the characteristic shape and wrinkled surface of Selga biscuits, prepared pastry is directed trough forming machines rotors, which on 1,5 meter wide tape, rolls and squeezes dough on semi prepared shape of Selga biscuits.


Selga cepumu sagatavītes  Selgas cepumu sagatavītes

When dough is shaped in that familiar rectangular shape, biscuits are ready for backing. Backing takes place in a special 24 meter long oven. The necessary 270°C is provided by flame burners and hot air flow. Baking time takes up to four minutes, in this time biscuits are becoming fragrant and are gaining their golden-brown hue.

 Selgas cepums svaigs un gards

After baking, biscuits are let to cool for about four minutes in special tunnels. When biscuit temperature drops just below 40°C, biscuits are ready for packaging.

Raised up vertically and arranged in endless rows, biscuits are directed to packaging system, which can pack up to 126 packs of Selga biscuits per minute!

Selgas cepumi dodas uz dzesēšanu Selgas cepumi dodas uz fasēšanu 

Packed Selga biscuits ar ready to set out to you, bringing sweet moments in weekdays and holidays!