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Colourful Cottage Cheese Cake


Clock Time it takes 30 min


  • 3-4 packages Selga biscuits
  • 2 packages low fat cottage cheese
  • 2-3 tsp cocoa powder
  • apple juice or any other sour juice
  • 2 packages butter
  • colourful marmalade sweets

Cooking guide (30 min)

1. Cut sweets into little cubes. Separate the yellow cubes from the other colours.
2. Add one package of cottage cheese to each kind of sweets.
3. Grate one package of butter to each paste.
4. Add cocoa powder to the paste of yellow sweets.
5. When butter has begun melting, mix pastes in both bowls – cream filling is ready to be spread between biscuit layers.                              .
6. Arrange the first biscuit layer, spread one cottage cheese paste by choice.
7. Then, put the second layer of biscuits, pre-dipping each biscuit in the juice.
8. Spread the second cottage cheese paste on the second layer of biscuits.
9. Proceed, until four layers of biscuits are covered with cottage cheese paste. Decorate with marmalade sweets. Serve in 2-3 hours after the biscuits have become saturated and soft. The cake is even more delicious when served on the following day. Bon appetit!