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World Chocolate Day

The World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 11 July. It was first celebrated in France in 1995, and lately became an international holiday. Chocolate day popularises the most various good properties of chocolate, as chocolate does not possess any bad ones. For instance, did you know that chocolate contains flavonoids and other valuable substances that strengthen your heart?

If we are talking about heart, experts say that chocolate is the most reliable tool for gaining the heart of your beloved one. Sources from different countries testify that chocolate is the most popular Valentine Day's gift; in addition it guarantees divine delight.

In Latvia there is yet another link between chocolate and lovers - for 86 years already Laima clock has been the most popular dating place. 

Great Qualities of Chocolate

Nutritionists are of an opinion that the health benefits of chocolate are in fact equal to those of an apple or yoghurt. It contains antioxidants (substances preventing cell ageing processes, also in skin) - vitamins A, C and E, as well as mineral substances - zinc, selenium, iron, potassium and calcium. 

Chocolate may play a role in cancer prevention; cocoa beans contain flavonoids, which protect cells from free radicals, reduce arterial pressure and the risk of insult.

 Although chocolate is regarded a treat of capricious women, everyone should have it regularly. A bit of dark chocolate daily would improve your mind. Chocolate helps to supply blood to your brains.

Almost everyone knows that red wine or aspirin are excellent means for the health blood vessels and an anti-thrombotic; however, just few people know that dark chocolate produces the same effect as the above two.

One should not be afraid of the fat content in chocolate. The fat contained in chocolate does not increase your cholesterol level.

Dark chocolate is fairly nutritious. 100 grams of dark chocolate contain approximately 460 calories. But the good news is that you are not able to eat plenty of dark chocolate. You know that you can make use of it when you urgently need an additional charge of energy.

Yet another piece of good news to dark chocolate lovers - unlike other confectionery, chocolate is not bad for your teeth. Cocoa butter provides natural protection from caries.

Chocolate may be taken as an analgetic to fight menstrual pains. A lump of dark chocolate not only would improve your health, but also your mood.

Although the dark delicacy is able to calm down anxious minds it does not make you languid. Students may use chocolate for dealing with pre-exam stress.

In some film Devil said that love and plenty of chocolate are the same. He was true to some extent. Scientists assert that dark chocolate is even more exciting than flirtation. Couples which used to have a lump of chocolate are said to kiss more often.

Whereas psychologists say that keeping a bar of chocolate at hand is an excellent means for improvement of one`s communication abilities. Offering a piece of chocolate may work miracles.

It shall be observed that bitter chocolate is the true chocolate. Milk and white chocolates are delicious, but less valuable confectionery products.


Chocolate Room

To acquaint with the history of the sweets legend Laima and chocolate making traditions, a museum Chocolate Room was opened at the company premises 22 Miera Street, Riga at the end of 2005. Together with many old-fashioned chocolate packagings one can watch a documentary shot in 1924, about the company activity; one of first Latvian-made bitter chocolates in its original packaging; export registry from 1930s with hand-made remarks on consignments to New York, Stockholm, Haifa and elsewhere.

What is Praline?

Praline is a mixture of finely ground nuts, sugar and fatty substances with an addition of milk, cocoa products and other ingredients.

Which is Laima's Oldest Chocolate Recipe?

The recipe of chocolates Serenāde was developed back in 1937; it has not changed since then. Many Latvian sweet addicts justly find Serenāde the most delicious sweet of all times.

What does it mean: "A piece of Africa in hands of Latvia"?

Since the very beginning Laima performs full chocolate production cycle - from the treatment of cocoa beans to delicious bars of chocolate and various types of chocolate confectionery. Laima chocolate is made from Forastero cocoa beans grown in the Republic of Ghana; in the world of sweets these cocoa beans are considered particularly exclusive. For more information see Section How Laima chocolate is made?