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NP Foods

Management and development company, concentrating all management and administrative functions of AS Laima and AS Gutta in Latvia and the Baltic.

NP Logistics

Provider of warehousing and transport logistics services, to ensure delivery of Laima products to shops.


Gutta is important producer of natural fruit and vegetable juices, nectars, juice drinks, drinking water and sparkling soft drinks in the market of the Baltic States. The company takes one of the leading positions in the Baltic market; it is the second largest producer within the sector in Latvia. The assortment includes over 60 products with such trademarks as Gutta, Gutta MAX, Gutta Fresh, Everest, Everest Fresh, RÄ«gas Kvass and others.

Staburadzes konditoreja

Staburadzes Konditoreja produces not only excellent and popular cakes for festivities, but also untraditional, new to the Latvian market cakes, goodies and cupcakes for daily consumption and small coffee breaks. At present Staburadzes Konditoreja is also among the main producers of fast food: sandwiches, pizzas and salads, the most popular being the Pedro brand.,


One of the key producers of fast food: sandwiches, pizzas and salads in Lithuania.