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Love inspires! We love good chocolate; therefore Laima is among the few chocolate manufacturers in Europe where full production process - from cocoa beans to chocolate, is ensured. Carefully maintained old skills and recipes are supplemented by contemporary production methods. Laima chocolate is made only from high quality Forastero cocoa beans from Gana, Africa. Cocoa beans are specially roasted, ground and tempered to get the unique taste of Laima chocolate.

Laima is the most famous confectionery brand name in the Baltic, representing the history of Latvian sweets industry throughout several centuries. Recently, Laima together with young and old chocolate fans celebrated its 140th anniversary – Laima is the Latvian sweets legend, successfully combining historical heritage with innovations. The recipes of ancient chocolatiers also give satisfaction to modern consumers - Laima is acknowledged the highest quality brand of Latvia in 2010. Nowadays Laima is the largest manufacturer of sweets in the Baltic with export to more than 25 countries.