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Laima is investing 850,000 EUR in the development of chocolate manufacturing

AS Laima will invest more than 850,000 EUR to improve the efficiency of the chocolate production process by investing in an ambitious modernization of production facilities and improvement of production capacity.

Rolands Gulbis, Chairman of The Board of AS Laima: “With the acquisition of investment, the unique process of Laima chocolate manufacturing will be continued – we will keep producing a 100% homemade chocolate, from cocoa beans to the final product that is made by blending tradition with advanced technologies. As a result, we can significantly increase the company’s production capacity, enhance competitiveness and realize the developed export potential. We will also continue to impress our customers with new and innovative products.”

Laima will invest more than 400,000 EUR to improve the quality of chocolate by investing in modernization of manufacturing facilities and increasing the production capacity. 240,000 EUR will be invested in new facilities in which chocolate with filling will be produced from 2013. More than 200,000 EUR will be invested in the development of exclusive production, thus increasing the company’s technological capabilities to develop new products.

“While continuing the investment process in chocolate manufacturing facilities on Miera iela, we are also working on the Chocolate Museum project. Right now we have finished the long and complex process of project coordination with all the necessary authorities and made all preparations to accomplish both the improvement of chocolate manufacturing facilities on Miera iela and opening of the Chocolate Museum in the summer and autumn season. It is planned that the Chocolate Museum on Miera iela will be opened in the beginning of 2013, maintaining the unique concept of the museum – the integration of museum and the manufacturing process,” says Rolands Gulbis.

From 2005 to 2012 there was already a Chocolate Room in AS Laima in which people could get to know the history and production techniques of the legendary Laima chocolate and taste the popular products. After it has been established, the Chocolate Museum in the renovated building on Miera iela that will be a part of the chocolate manufacturing complex could have 15,000 to 20,000 visitors per year. The total area of exhibitions and excursions will be around – 3,000 m2; improvements will be made to the access to the museum and there will be more exhibits. The museum will also be suitable for people with disabilities. Similarly, we have also taken into account people who care about the so-called “green” lifestyle. The renovation of the building will be an important contribution to the design of the creative block of Miera iela, in which, according to the Riga City Development Plan, cultural development will be promoted.

About AS Laima
Laima is the largest and most recognizable chocolate and candy manufacturer in the Baltics, which produces chocolate from cocoa beans, without the use of brought-in semi-finished products. This manufacturing method was introduced by the factory’s founder, Teodors Rigerts, in 1870.

The largest owner of Laima is AS Nordic Partners, which is owned by Latvian entrepreneurs and has acquired 51% of the shares through the international holding company Nordic Partners Limited. The major shareholder of Nordic Partners and the companies owned by the holding is Daumants Vītols. He is one of the first founders of the holding and has, for a long time, worked for and managed a number of food and real estate companies owned by the holding.

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