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A unique Laima clock has been unveiled in the City of Love — Sigulda


A unique Laima clock, created specially for Sigulda, was unveiled in the renovated station square of Sigulda on 1 September; Sigulda acquired it as a prize in a campaign organised by AS Laima two years ago together with the title City of Love. Laima clock in Sigulda symbolises those values for what the legendary Laima clock serves in Riga — a meeting place encircled with love.

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On 1st September in Sigulda will be grand opening of Laima clock.


The final improvement works to set up the clock and the renovated Sigulda station and its square took place today so that the unique Laima clock, created specially for Sigulda, could be unveiled on 1 September, 21:00. Sigulda acquired the clock as a prize together with the title City of Love as a result of people’s vote two years ago when AS Laima celebrated its 140th anniversary. Laima clock in Sigulda will symbolise those values for what the legendary Laima clock serves in Riga — a meeting place encircled with love. At the same time the clock will serve as a messenger for those values of Sigulda that attract travellers, bring closer friends and families, enjoying the golden autumn and the time of bird-cherry blossoming in Sigulda. Latvian designer Arvis Sproģis is the author of the clock.

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Laima receives a prize for exclusive product Compliments packaging in Czech Republic


AS Laima has received Obal roku 2012 award in the international product packaging contest of the Czech Republic for the packaging of exclusive products — chocolate collection Compliments. In addition, the chocolate box Compliments was selected as one of the six best packagings also for the jury prize. The official awards ceremony will take place in Prague this November.

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Laima is investing 850,000 EUR in the development of chocolate manufacturing


AS Laima will invest more than 850,000 EUR to improve the efficiency of the chocolate production process by investing in an ambitious modernization of production facilities and improvement of production capacity.

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Development plan 2012


Development plan 2012 for NP Foods – food business management and development, food product sale and logistics services company, which ensures unified management and development in the following Latvia-based companies: AS Laima, AS Staburadze, AS Gutta, SIA Staburadzes Konditoreja as well as SIA Saldumu Tirdznieciba, was approved. In recent years, when the state underwent economic downturn, a foundation for new development level was created by investing in new technologies and new product development and by introducing strict efficiency-boosting measures.

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